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Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese
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Sunday Lunch/Agape Meal

Following the Divine Liturgy each Sunday, please join us in the fellowship hall for our Sunday Lunch/Agape Meal. The word "Agape" in the Greek means "love feast" and originally referred to the Eucharist itself, but came to refer to a separate meal by about the third century. While the Agape meal is no longer a liturgical service in the Church, our Sunday Lunch following the Liturgy is a core element of love and fellowship in the life of our parish. We treasure this time together as a parish family, both to get to know new visitors, and to foster deeper family relationships with each other as we share a hearty meal together in a relaxed atmosphere. We view this time together as a vital part of our Church life as we get to know each other better, and have a chance to enjoy each other's company along our journey together.

Please join us! Everyone is welcome!

Lunch Teams

Everyone is encouraged to join a lunch team. Teams prepare for and cleanup after Sunday lunch once every 4 or 5 weeks. This is a great way to serve the parish and get involved in a simple but very practical way! Please contact Fr. Basil or one of the lunch team members you know if you'd like to join one of the teams!

As you may have heard, the lunch teams have been working on a plan for Sunday lunches that hopes to incorporate the best aspects of pre-prepared meals and potluck to ensure there is always plenty of good food for our St. John family and guests. The plan includes a base meal (see below) that the team for that week will prepare which will ensure there is always plenty of food to go around. However, everyone is always welcome and encouraged to bring a potluck dish or desert to share as well, in a spirit of Orthodox Christian hospitality! This way, we are sure to have plenty of food each week for everyone, AND we always have the opportunity to bring and share a dish or desert with our St. John family.

Team 1: 1st Sunday of the month "Pasta team" (Instructions and Shopping List): Schaefer family, Gallatin family, Ebert family & the Phillips family
Team 2: 2nd Sunday of the month "Potato team" (Instructions and Shopping List): Victoria Purviance, Dale Ayoub & the Bardwell family
Team 3: 3rd Sunday of the month "Burrito team" (Instructions and Shopping List): Joy Corey, Tecca family, Roth family, David & Lisa Gencarella
Team 4: 4th Sunday of the month "Potluck team": Kelly Peterson, Nicky Nolan; Sandford family, Deacon Joseph and Susan Mannion
Team 5: 5th Sunday of the month "Sandwich team": Barbara Garbinski, Justin & Mackenzie Knoles, Jenny Dancy, Waldon Family